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Servers Cloud VMWARE

We present the new Cloud Servers based on the technology of virtualization of VMware. Forget to you the physical limits of the dedicated server hosting conventional and take advantage of all the power the platform of more trustworthy virtualization of the market. The new Cloud Servers adapt to the changeable needs of the clients without they must realise forecasts of growth and/or great initial investments.

New Hosting plans Web Cloud

There are preparation for all our clients a series of adapted plans of Hosting to the new technologies of computation in the cloud. One is a new platform of Cloud Lodging, formed by the main manufacturers of hardware and software of the world, including a Cisco, staff, Intel, VMware and Parallels. The new platform offers major yield for the applications Web and an availability superior. Plan Cloud Home: 1Gb space 5Gb, Web and data base of transference

We present new Web

Adapting us to the new technological changes, the new tendencies of computation in the cloud, and to offer a clearer information to our clients, Dhap Center has developed its new website. The website has been developed so that the user can accede to all the services of fast and efficient way.


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