Dhap Center | Hosting Solutions in the Cloud

Dhap, is a supplier of services of “Hosting”, with pioneering own infrastructure and in the development of cheap vps cloud hosting solutions.

From his beginnings at the beginning of 2003, it has followed a trajectory of constant growth, becoming a stable and profitable company from the financial point of view, guaranteeing in this way the correct operation of his services by many years.

The services that we offer evolve continuously incorporating the last technologies and assuring the growth of the projects of our clients.

We grow with our clients


Our company is formed by a team of professionals specialized in the new Information Technologies, reason why we can serve different and always with the only objective to satisfy the precise needs with our clients.


Our Datacenter is located in Valencia (Spain), and has the principles benefits as far as connectivity and security. We work with the main suppliers of connectivity at national and international level thus obtaining accesses at very high speed from any part of the world.

Cloud platform

We put at the disposal of our clients the last technology in servers, virtualization and storage and protection of data. In 2011 we realised an important investment in I+D+I, which allowed us to position to us as one of the companies of the sector technologically more outposts. Our platform of Hosting Cloud and unlimited hosting is formed by the suppliers of software and infrastructure leaders in the industry, including a Cisco, staff, Intel and VMware.

formed by the main manufacturers of
hardware and software of the world
Servers Cloud VMware
We present the new Cloud Servers based on the technology of virtualization of VMware. Forget to you the physical limits of
Hosting Web Cloud
There are preparation for all our clients a series of adapted plans of Hosting to the new technologies of…
We present new Web!
Adapting us to the new technological changes, the new tendencies of computation in the cloud, and to offer a clearer information…